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proof that poker hands are not random - YouTube 10 Apr 2012 ... here is some evidence that poker hand in online poker are not random. Is poker really as random as we think? - Quora The random number generators used at online poker rooms have high enough entropy, that it's impossible to predict next card or find patterns. When Random Isn't Random Enough: Lessons from an Online ... 9 Feb 2014 ... In online poker—as in real poker—the game starts with the shuffle. ... So that is the first reason the "random" card shuffling isn't really random.

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Stay away from online poker unless you are playing at 02-04 cents so you learn how to play butt trust me you will not learn true play because based on my own experience (which after all could be mistaken, but that's what I think) the software algorithm is not really randomized but pre-arranged to favor certain winning and losing patterns particularly by the time the river card hits, your AA ... Non-Rigged Poker Rooms With Quality Random Number Generators Obviously I cant say for certain that Pokerstars is not rigged, but what I do know is that online gambling is a huge business, one that makes an estimated $30 billion dollars every year, and there is no need to fix things in order to make money.

Welcome to everyone who found the site. Whether you believe its random or you believe its not. Here is some evidence on the site. Based on e-mail from readers I have gotten I will attempt to make this a better all around poker site.

In addition, online poker is played at a much faster pace than live poker. It would stand to reason, then, that you’ll see many more bad beats.Many of the conspiracy theories suggest that online poker rooms somehow fix their random number generators to produce certain results. Random Number Generators 4 Dummies | Poker Sites RNG Poker sites shuffle the deck randomly, using the random numbers their RNGs create. Every major poker site has outside experts evaluate the stateShould You Worry About Online Poker Security? Let me put it this way: If any person can create a way to crack a true RNG, that single idea alone will... Is Online Poker Rigged? - Online Poker Software | Ace … Online poker is not rigged and I will explain why in a few. Just because you fail to perform well in a venture doesn’t necessarily mean you were held at a disadvantage.Well, slots, just like online poker software, use random number generators to generate completely random results. Is Online Poker Rigged? Why Does It Feel That Way? -… Remember, online poker is quite different than your average home game or live casino game.Poker is still a game of chance and very few things are certain. The bullets - pocket Aces - have 85% chance of winning at showdown preflop versus a random hand.

Best US Poker Sites; Not All Online Poker Sites are Created Equal. Poker is one of the rare games where you don’t necessarily want to play against the best players all the time. Most people, in fact, would rather sit at a table with marginal players that like to gamble.

Hard Evidence: is poker a game of chance or skill? - The Conversation 26 Mar 2015 ... Any player worth a pair of deuces will tell you that poker is a game of skill. ... Chris Moneymaker, winner of the 2003 World Series of Poker Main .... and I work closely with scientists every day to not only communicate their ...